WAVES series

The biannual WAVES conference series is a major venue for disseminating the latest advances in theoretical and computational modeling of wave phenomena, catering to the emerging problems in science and technology.

The themes of the conference, which may concern any kind of waves (acoustic, electromagnetic, elastic, etc.), include, but are not limited to, the following :

  • photonics and optics,
  • flow-acoustic interaction,
  • water waves and coastal modeling,
  • medical and seismic imaging,
  • non-destructive testing,
  • waveguides,
  • nonlinear wave phenomena,
  • imaging and inverse problems,
  • scattering problems,
  • periodic and random media,
  • asymptotic models and homogenization,
  • high-frequency approximations,
  • integral equations,
  • absorbing boundary conditions,
  • domain decomposition methods,
  • boundary element methods,
  • discontinuous discretization methods,
  • fast computational techniques.