Academic partners


Industrial and non-profit sponsors

CEA CESTA (Arpajon, France)
CESTA, one of the 5 centers of the CEA’s Military Applications Department, is leading the overall design of nuclear warheads for the French deterrent force using integrated collaborative engineering methods. CESTA also ensures the demonstration of reliability, safety and performance in a simulation approach based on the “modeling, calculations, tests” triptych implementing physical modeling high-level computers, some of the most powerful computers in the world and an exceptional fleet of test equipment. CESTA is home to the largest laser installation in Europe, LMJ/PETAL, an exceptional research instrument. For this, CESTA welcomes world-renowned expertise in laser design, optical component technology, industrial IT, etc. [website]
CEA LIST (Saclay, France)
List Institute is one of CEA Tech three technological research institutes constituting CEA technological Division. Dedicated to smart digital systems, our mission is to achieve technological development of excellence for our industrial partners and create value. List institute counts more than 750 partners and every year more than a 200 partnership activities are being conducted with French and foreign industrial companies on applied research projects in four main topics: Advanced Manufacturing, Embedded systems, Data intelligence, Health ionizing radiations. Our activity is based on three main pillars: Scientific excellence, The Culture of Industry, Opening to the world. [website]
IMACS (Palaiseau, France)
Simulation is becoming an essential tool for companies in their decision-making, product design and innovation processes, but implementing an industrial computing chain requires the mastery of increasingly sophisticated mathematical and computing technologies. Over the past 20 years, IMACS has developed a portfolio of specialized services and products to help its clients make a leap forward in their simulation capabilities : modeling, numerical simulation, statistical analysis and artificial intelligence, etc. Several leading companies in the automotive, aerospace, defense and energy sectors rely on IMACS for the development of their strategic software tools.
LabEx Mathematics Hadamard (LMH) (Paris-Saclay, France)
The LabEx (Laboratoire d’Excellence) Mathematics Hadamard and its partners form a pole that covers the full spectrum of research in mathematics, from pure and fundamental studies to applied mathematics. It aims at creating new scientific communities at the interfaces of mathematics and other disciplines, using the leverage effect of training programs, structuring and federating their forces in a future major scientific hub. [website]
Société de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles (SMAI)
SMAI is a non-profit organization created in 1983 by a group of French applied mathematicians having become aware of the specificity of their discipline and wishing to insure its expansion and development. The goal of SMAI is to contribute to the development of applied mathematics through research, industrial applications, publications, education and the training of researchers and engineers. SMAI has individual, institutional and corporate members, researchers and specialists in applied mathematics. [website]