Minisymposium proposal

Minisymposia consist of several contributions on novel or nontraditional topics (between 3 and 8 talks per minisymposium, same format as the regular talks). Minisymposia proposals will be considered only if they address problems, methods or areas of applications that may otherwise fail to be โ€œnaturallyโ€ covered by contributed talks. Such minisymposia will contribute to the enlargement and evolution over time of the scope of the WAVES conference series and its audience.

The organizing committee reserves the right to approve or decline any such proposal, and pledges to do so promptly. All other contributed talks will be carefully arranged into thematic sessions.

If you wish to propose a minisymposium in the spirit of the above guidelines, please send an email to at your earliest opportunity and before January 31, 2022. Your proposal should contain a minisymposium title, a short description, and a list of possible speakers.

Note that all minisymposium talk proposals will be peer-reviewed following the same procedure as contributed talks, with an extended submission deadline (February 15, 2022).