Organizing team

The organization of this 2022 edition of WAVES was decided collectively by the permanent staff of POEMS. Most permanent members of POEMS are involved in the organizing team.

Julienne Moukalou Pierre Marchand Anne-Sophie Bonnet-Ben Dhia Marc Bonnet Stéphanie Chaillat
Axel Modave Eliane Bécache Christophe Hazard Corinne Chen Luiz Faria
Maryna Kachanovska Eric Lunéville Sonia Fliss Nicolas Kielbasiewicz Marie Enée
Patrick Ciarlet Laure Giovangigli Patrick Joly Magalie Quet Hélène Tranchant
In alphabetical order: Eliane Bécache, Marc Bonnet, Anne-Sophie Bonnet-Ben Dhia, Stéphanie Chaillat, Corinne Chen, Patrick Ciarlet, Marie Enée, Luiz Faria, Sonia Fliss (co-chair), Laure Giovangigli, Christophe Hazard (co-chair), Patrick Joly, Maryna Kachanovska, Nicolas Kielbasiewicz, Eric Lunéville, Pierre Marchand, Axel Modave and Julienne Moukalou from POEMS, Magalie Quet from Communication Departments of INRIA and Hélène Tranchant from Accommodation Department of ENSTA Paris