The 2022 event

WAVES 2022 : A scientific and human meeting to celebrate a double anniversary

The 2022 edition of the WAVES series is organized at ENSTA Paris in Palaiseau (about 20kms in the south of Paris) by the POEMS team (acronym for “Propagation des Ondes: Étude Mathématique et Simulation” *), a research team associated with CNRS, INRIA and ENSTA Paris. The very first conference, held in 1991 in Strasbourg (France), was initiated by members of POEMS. The current team is glad to host this particular edition, which will be an opportunity to celebrate a double anniversary: the 15th occurrence of the conference, which coincides with its 30+1 years birthday !

Our wish is that this scientific meeting will also be a human meeting, taking  advantage of the structure of ENSTA Paris to receive on site in “full board” all participants who wish it.

  • The rooms (one amphitheater with 400 seats, 2 with 200, others with 60) can comfortably accommodate plenary lectures and parallel sessions, as well as evening entertainment.
  • The large hall will be transformed for the occasion into a convivial zone (meals and friendly meeting space).
  • Participants will be accommodated on site in student rooms.

* In English: “Wave Propagation: Mathematical Study and Simulation” (To be said with a strong french accent!)