Travel to WAVES 2022

The campus of ENSTA Paris is located at Palaiseau, in the South of Paris area. The campus is accessible from Paris and its major airports (Charles de Gaulle and Orly) by public transport.

By car or taxi

By car or taxi, you may use the address of the main building of ENSTA Paris (828 Boulevard des Maréchaux, 91120 Palaiseau). There is a free outdoor parking next to the main building.

You may take an official taxi from Charles de Gaulle (click here) or Orly (click here) airports. If you are in the area, you may use Uber or taxis from the G7 company.

By public transport (suggested itineraries)

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Itineraries from Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) or the center of Paris by public transport
  • By train and bus:
    1. Take the regional train RER B (direction “Les Baconnets”, “Massy-Palaiseau” or “Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse”) until the RER station “Les Baconnets”.
    2. Then, take the (free) replacement bus between the RER station “Les Baconnets” and the RER station “Massy-Palaiseau”. There are summer works on the rail network (more info). At Massy-Palaiseau, the replacement bus arrives in front of the RER C station (Place de l’Union Européenne). To take bus 91-06, cross the footbridge (Passerelle Atlantis-Vilmorin) between the RER C station and the RER B station. See the map (click here).
    3. Then, take bus 91-06 from the bus stop “Massy-Palaiseau” (click here) to the bus stop “ENSTA – Les Joncherettes”. The ticket used for the RER B cannot be reused for this bus. You need one “Ticket T+” (same kind of ticket used for metros and buses in Paris), which can be bought at any metro/RER station, then validated inside the bus.
  • By train and foot (with a stair):
    1. Take the regional train RER B until the RER station “Lozère”. Coming from Paris, you have to take a replacement bus between “Les Baconnets” and “Massy-Palaiseau”. There are summer works on the rail network (more info).
    2. Then, walk to the campus of Polytechnique and ENSTA Paris (see map bellow). This is a walk of 10-20 minutes with a stair of ~300 steps. Not recommended if you have heavy luggage.

Itineraries from Orly Airport (ORY) by public transport

  • By bus:
    • Take bus 91-10 from terminal 4 (exit 47D) or terminals 1-2-3 (exit 48a) to the bus stop “ENSTA – Les Joncherettes”. There is one bus every 30 minutes (from Monday to Friday) or every hour (Saturday and Sunday).
  • By train and bus/foot:
    1. Take the train OrlyVal until the station “Antony”.
    2. Then, take the regional train RER B and follow to one of the itineraries proposed from the center of Paris.

Itinerary from the RER station “Lozère” to ENSTA Paris

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